Gun Cleaning


Complete gun cleaning and inspecting includes:

  • Disassembly of the entire gun
  • Removing all old lubrication
  • Cleaning out dirt and powder residue from the working parts and the barrel (ultrasonic cleaning now available upon request for additional fee)
  • Inspection of all working parts for excessive wear, metal fatigue, bends, cracks, or breakage.
  • We will contact you if there are any problems with the inspection and explain what can or should be done before re-assembling the firearm.
  • Reassemble, lubricate, and apply protective oils to all working parts
  • Apply protective oils to all exterior metal parts
  • Clean and inspect stocks and grips for wear, cracks or other issues
  • Apply appropriate wax, oils, or protectant to the stock or grips
  • Full firearm function check (test firing available for small additional fee)
Why should you get your firearm ultrasonically cleaned?
There are several areas of firearms that are difficult, if not impossible, to clean via conventional methods. Particularly in the slide there are lots of areas that are often ignored and accumulate grime over time.

Bet you didn’t know there were that many parts in your slide


Plenty of hard to reach areas

By immersing your firearm in our ultrasonic cleaner, we can ensure that all dirt and buildup is removed from critical areas like the firing pin channel and under the extractor. If neglected, this buildup can lead to firearm failures and malfunctions.

Just ask one of our customers:

“My duty pistol was malfunctioning, so I brought it into Velocity Works thinking it needed several parts replaced. Their gunsmith determined that no parts were needed and gave the gun a thorough cleaning in their ultrasonic bath. Not only is the gun running like new, they saved me money on unnecessary parts and had it turned around in 24hrs”
–Denny Steele, LEO

Cleaning does not include removal of rust and refinishing. I am happy to discuss refinishing. Pricing varies depending on the gun so please contact us for an estimate.

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