Gunsmithing Pricing

General gunsmithing labor $59.00/hr
Inspection, function test, and cleaning (most handguns) $60.00
Inspection, function test, and cleaning (most long guns) $60.00
Full detail strip, inspection, ultrasonic clean, and function test $90.00
Hand gun sight installation $60.00
Disassembly and repairs $60.00 – $90.00
Scope mount and bore sight $60.00
General machining labor $75.00/hr
Stock refinishing $180.00
Hot blue, parkerize, hot rust blue whole firearm $240.00 (please call or email for details)
Duracoat $120.00
Trigger work,1911 $90.00
Apex trigger kit install, S&W M&P line $60.00
AR-15 work (gas blocks, muzzle devices, triggers, rails, etc…) $30.00
Shotgun butt pad fitting $60.00
Test Firing* $5.00

*TEST FIRING:  If you want or need us to test fire your firearm as part of your service, we are happy to do so.  There are charges that apply for test firing which cover ammunition costs, time spent firing, time spent acquiring ammunition, trap maintenance, and risk.  Charges for test firing begin at $5.00 and are rounded up to the next $5.00 increment when the ammo cost has crossed that $5.00 line (We’ll use fair market value for factory ammunition).  If you’d like to greatly reduce these charges, bring us your own ammo to test fire through your firearm.  Please note that, for our own safety, if the customer wishes to provide us with ammo, we will ONLY accept FACTORY AMMO.  NO RELOADS, NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you have any questions about our test firing fees, please don’t hesitate to ask.

MINIMUM SHOP FEES:  Firearms that need to be logged in and sent to the gunsmith for work will be subject to a 1 hour (shop rate is $59.00/hr) minimum bill.  Please feel free to ask us any questions about this policy. 

***Some exceptions will apply, at the discretion of the manager.***

NOTE:  This list is neither a comprehensive list of the services we offer, nor is it a concrete representation of what the customer’s final bill will be.  It is merely a guide for customers to use to get an idea of service costs before bringing in their firearm.  We encourage customers to bring their firearms to the shop any time during business hours to speak with us and get a more accurate estimate.