How to: Install an SKS Rear Sight

I was looking around the Tapco Web Site a while back and came upon a windage adjustable rear SKS sight. True, you can adjust the windage of the front SKS sight, easy enough. You have to remember all of them there complicated thoughts, like you move the front sight in the opposite direction you wish to change the windage (intended grammar errors for editorial effect and humor).

For some reason it took me years before I could remember this correctly. Every time I would be at the range and want to adjust windage on a Mauser or other rifle, I would always forget which way I was supposed to move the front sights! Some sort of Freudian mental blockage, my college books would say…..on with the story. I always thought that the 1903A3 and the Garands were made for people like me. It is a lot easier to move the rear sight in the direction you actually wish the change to be applied!

Figure 1 shows the new Replacement Sight. Notice at the front of the sight, the two trunnions. These slide in over the flat rear sight leaf spring to rest in grooves in the sight base.
Figure 2 shows the New Replacement Sight’s windage adjustment screw. The sight is made of a polymer and seems to be pretty soundly made.
1) First move the elevation slide on the original sight to the rear as shown in figure 3.
2) Use a small to medium size flat blade screw driver as shown in figure 4.
3) Using the flat blade screw driver, push down in front of the sight leaf on the spring as shown in figure 5.
4) As shown in figure 6, while applying pressure to the spring you can easily pull out the old sight leaf.
5) As shown in figure 7, while applying pressure to the spring you can easily pull out the old sight leaf.
6) Install the original elevation slide on the new sight leaf as shown in figure 8.
7) While applying pressure on the leaf spring, slide the new sight into place and then release pressure on the spring and the sight will stay in place as shown in figure 9.
9) Figure 10 shows the installed sight.
As shown in figure 11, you can use a small flat blade screw driver to adjust the windage on the new rear sight leaf. The sight picture is a little different, but nothing you won’t get used to and you did not have to permanently modify the rifle to install it. You can easily return it to its original condition.